Core Nutrition Group helps you achieve short-term outcomes and long-term nutritional changes too.

Testimonials for Lisa Roberts, MS, RD:

“I just wanted to say what a help it has been to work with Lisa Roberts, MS, RD. She took special care of me and offered support with my GI issues. She also assisted me in getting my nutritional supplements approved and sent to my house. She has been an awesome dietitian to me!"

“Lisa Roberts, MS, RD gained my respect, confidence, and trust quickly. Her extensive knowledge and calm attitude in conveying [nutrition] information has won me over.  When speaking with her, I believe I am speaking to a friend, not just another authoritative figure. Her organization and preparation take great effort, which is greatly appreciated. She is an absolute winner as a dietitian!”

“I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. The doctors continued to up my dosage of medications and recommended a nutrition counselor. I reached out to Lisa Roberts, MS, RD who provided me with a very well thought-out and easy diet plan to lower blood pressure. Through her advice, expertise, and guidance, I have reduced my medications’ dosage. Lisa was easy to listen to and made me feel comfortable-I continue to recommend her to friends who need a dietitian.”

Testimonials for Allyson Jackson, RD, CDCES:

“Allyson Jackson, RD, CDCES was courteous, informative, and filled with insight for my situation. I look forward to our next appointment…”

“I appreciated the help I received from Allyson Jackson, RD, CDCES. I felt that she listened to me and didn’t judge. I am very happy with my appointment [with her].”

“Allyson Jackson, RD, CDCES is a pleasure to speak to and she is very encouraging and straight forward. I appreciate the guidance and simplicity she brings to our appointments. Thank you!”

Testimonials for Lilia Granizo, RD, CLE:

Lilia Granizo helped me immensely by giving me ideas of what to eat to be more healthy and to control my prediabetes.  Everything she told me has helped with my eating and I would recommend her to my family and friends!

I was a little apprehensive to make an appointment, as my past experiences with other health care professionals were rushed.  However, I did not feel that way with my appointment with [Lilia Granizo].  She was also very pleasant and professional.  I look forward to our next appointment!

Very happy with Lilia Granizo, RD!  She was able to talk to me in my native language (Spanish) and that made a big difference.  I could better understand her recommendations and am so appreciative of her being detailed with them too.  Thank you, Lilia!

Testimonials for Lorie Brendecke, RD:

Lorie Brendecke is so knowledgeable and thorough. She took the time to understand what was liked and what could and couldn't be eaten. She is amazing! I am so thankful I got the opportunity to speak with her! 

“Lorie Brendecke, RD is a great dietitian/nutritionist. I love the fact that she is plant-based and super healthy. She gives great suggestions and works with foods that I like. I would recommend her!”

“I am very satisfied with the appointments I have had [with Lorie Brendecke, RD]. I have lost weight and become more aware of my eating habits. It is definitively a life change with her!”

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